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Dard of the Day - Queen of Cups

Card of the day is – Queen of Cups


A few word to describe it – An observer, dreamy, tranquil, imaginative, kind yet passive.


She is enthroned on still water and caries a shell-like Cup containing a crayfish. In her other hand she holds the Lotus of Isis. This is the passive and receptive quality of water. She is almost invisible as she is enveloped by shadowy reflections.


A very nice card which describes me perfectly!


“Queen of Cups

Often a healer, counselor or psychic, this is a woman who seems to know what's wrong even before you open your mouth. Call her the emotional fix-it woman, but she seems to have exactly the right solution to problems relating to home, friends, love. Sometimes she is shy, self-effacing, you might not even notice her; other times she can be a little scary, dreamy, mysterious, a creative storyteller. Affectionate and loving, she is a "mom's mom" always there to hug, heal and bake cookies for her children. Her intuition is uncanny, her temper...well, it runs very deep and you don't ever want it turned against you. Talk about scary. Unfortunately, this is also a queen who can suffer from female hormonal problems, depression, moodiness, alcoholism, drug addiction, psychological problems.” -from Aeclectic Tarot learning section.

Here is the image of the card:

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