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dejavooo in dejavooo_tarot

Spread - The start

It has been a while since i did a spread out of a book, the book that i am using is Complete Book of tarot Spreads.
The spread that i am using is #41 The star...because it looks like a star ^^


2      5      4

1 - Where I am.
2 - My task.
3 - My difficulties.
4 - My strengths.
5 - My goal.

I'll be using the Fey tarot (because i used them today for the card of the day)

1. Where i am - 2 of wands
I am confined and afraid to take a step out. Everything seems to be too unreachable and distant. Although there is no reason for me to be afraid. I mean if you never try something how will you know if you like it or not and if you are good at it?! So i should take a big step and finally start doing something that i have been putting away thinking that i cannot accomplish it now. (So maybe i should sign up for the Greek and Latin roots of English language class, even though it sounds hard it might actually be useful.)

2. My task - 7 of Chalices
Not to carried away by daydreaming. Not to believe that wish full thinking can get me someplace...but at the same time try to be realistic things may not always be what they appear so making judgments beforehand might not be a good thing. I should stand my ground (i see a pattern here of believing in yourself)

3. My difficulties - 2 of Pentacles
Wow, i am not sure what to say. This card is about different natures and ability to coexist together. Its about harmony. So maybe thats what i should be actively seeking, harmony, tranquility. I know i am trying to put sometime aside every day to meditate but i should just focus on it more and not rush things. Its good to be grounded and also energetic but its even more important to know how to balance these qualities.

4. My strengths - 9 of Chalices
Everything is at my hands, that is i have everything to make myself happy and peaceful. I am content with that and thats good because it will help me to center myself and become more focused and "balance" (as the #3 suggested).

5. My goal - Knave of chalices
I am at the beginning of a road and my emotions may be unstable sometimes. It might be hard to distinguish between them or even take control but that is very important to do. Because its always better to think rationally before taking in your emotions.
They can also hold you back sometimes or even put you into an unwanted/unpleasant situations.
So i see my goal as taking control of myself, more specifically my emotions. I have to think about what makes me happy or sad and when is it better to hold my tong even though i want to use it...=p



February 2009

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