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Tomorrow may never come

dejavooo in dejavooo_tarot

Card of the Day - 4 of Pentacles

Card of the day is – 4 of Pentacles

I picked it from the Fey tarot deck.

and then i looked it up in the manga tarot too (because i want to be come familiar with it too...=p).

So, there is a problem or an issue that i am struggling with and even though the solution is very obvious and right in front of me i am unable (for whatever reason) to break free.

I am not really sure what is that related too. Of course there are a couple of problems but right now non of them seem to have an obvious solution or at least one that i have been casting away as "bad".

Then i guess it would be nice to make a list?!
I am struggling with:
1. School, my American history class 152 is horrible boring and i procrastinate with my studies right now even though the final is going to be on Monday the 16. The homework is also due on Tuesday and i have not started it.
- The obvious solution is just grit my teeth and get to studying. Only a week of classes is left, how bad can it be right?! So if i do that i will feel lighter as it seems like its burdening me right now.
2. Family, oooh, i don't know...they have expectations well guess what i have some too...
-Not even going to go there right now.
3. Time, I have to try to manage my time! I struggle to finish somethings and don't spend enough time doing the other.
-Hmm, i got a planner! and i use it too. So i know what i am supposed to do every day, now the problem becomes spending too much time reading a book or browsing online while i am supposed to be doing Homework or whatever else.

Maybe there is something else...i just feel totally cold...no creative energy that is. SO maybe i'll add something later on.

(Ooo,i also will try to post pictures of the cards as that helps me later when i am looking back at some entries!)



February 2009

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