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dejavooo in dejavooo_tarot

Card of the Day - The Sun

Card of the day is – The Sun

I picked it from the Manga tarot.

I could not find how it related to me today, but then I realized that i was thinking drama queen, center of attention..even a hot day (which it was today 83 F) but after i looked at this card some more i realized it was about getting to your goal with ease.

I see a man dressed in a golden light armor walking through a field of golden wheat. The sun is huge and bright in a very light blue sky which is even a bit yellow itself at the horizon. Most importantly is the man. He looks at the wheat with satisfaction and lightly runs his hands through it as he walks. He looks only at the plants which tells us that he might be the one who grew them (although he is wearing an armor which a farmer would not usually wear) but in any case he is satisfied with what he sees. As he keeps on walking and he effortlessly glides through the field.

So i guess if you put enough time in something you can always bet on the good results? Or something like be more sure of yourelf no one is 100% right but ones you stumble on something be sure to know its value... ^^

(as i reread what i typed up i was really confused because what i described sounded like a totaly different card...it reminded me of the 3 of wands from the fey deck. Which features a fey sitting looking at the plant which finally is about to produce flowers of fruits...and the main points is also getting results from hard work....in my opinion anyway...but i guess every time that we look at a card our interpritation might change due to our experiences or just mood...so i cannot say that it is right or wrong but its the way that i see it today)



February 2009

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