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dejavooo in dejavooo_tarot

Q and A

1. Name:

2. Age: 18

3. How long have you been reading tarot? Two years now

4. What got you involved in tarot? A beautiful deck that i saw once while browsing in an online store.

5. Do you have a favorite deck? Thoth

6. Do you have a favorite card? The star

7. What Tarot card best describes your personality? Hight Priestess

8. If you had to pick three cards to describe the day you're having, which three card combination would you choose and why? Queen of Cups, Fortune, 3 of cups.

9. Do you read intuitively? Yes, mostly. But i also enjoy reading different books on the interpretation of the cards and then trying to implement the meanings in some of my readings.

10. Do you practice any other forms of divination? Nope, i am faithful to the tarot.

11. Are you a religious person? Yes, i believe that there is something more than what we see in our daily lives.

12. Do you have a tarot mentor? Who are they? How do they inspire you? None at this point.

13. Describe the most accurate reading you've done: I did a reading for a friend once and said something that was apparently very true but at the same time something that she did not want to hear.

14. How does reading tarot make you feel? Free, not restricted by anything, like i have wings?!

15. Is there a card that continually stumps you? 5 of chalices

16. Do you have a favorite tarot spread? just a three card spread.

17. Do you charge for your readings? I never charged, mostly because i read for myself most of the time!

18. Strangest place you've read tarot? my school bathroom

19. If you could create one card to add to your deck, what would it be called? What would this card mean? I have to come back to this one....

20. Does anyone you know not agree with your tarot practices? Those in my family who know about it are very skeptical and say that i should spend time doing something useful! That makes me very upset but i guess thats their opinion.

21. Ever regretted a particular reading? Nope

22. Do you read for yourself as well as others? I, as i said before, mostly read for myself, i also read for my friends sometimes.

23. Have you predicted any mainstream/world events using tarot? No >.>

24. Do you read with reversals? Never, i believe that cards in the upright position have enough negative meanings

25. Is there anything else you'd like to add? I wish that i had more confidence in myself, but besides that ^^
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February 2009

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