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A spread for a friend

Hey Rimma,
                         so here is the spread that I was telling you about =) I think its very nice, in terms of that I really helps you to understand more about yourself. The cards do not have to guessing exactly everything, but rather giving you an insight and telling you of something that you were not aware of before. Also giving time to think and reflect.
                         I will be using the Archeon deck (which I used for other reading for you today) it might not be the one with the most bright (happy, optimistic) images but it is quite beautiful and inspiring, ENJOY!

Self-Definition (name of the spread)

6        7         8
 4       5
2        1      3

1. I am…
2. I am not…
3. I am also…
4. What I can’t understand about myself…
5. What I am really proud of myself for…
6. The worst that anybody can say about me…
7. The most wonderful thing that somebody can say about me…
8. The most honest thing that somebody can say about me…
9. In one word…

(These are the positions of the cards in the spread and what they will represent) (the cards where not layed ou in a row, but how it is shown on top, this is just to show you the pictures, you can also go to too see large images)
Here are the meaning of the cards as they show up in their positions.
1.Nine of Swords
A few words about it - despair, worry, pressure, depression, melancholy

You are having problems, which are really, but you might be blowing them out of proportions sometimes, or making them scarier then they really are. They might be constantly on your mind, keeping you awake at night. But all you have to do is realize that its just a nightmare, wake up! They do not have to be as bad as you imagine!

2.Seven of Swords

 A few words about it - cheating, trickery, theft, cunning

You see that thing, that thing that you want the most, but how can you get it? Sure the easiest thing is to steal it! Cunning, plotting and conspiring, you do not care for the right or wrong.

3.Herald of Swords
A few things about it - decisiveness, quick change, penetrating insight

If you disagree with someone, you will argue your point and try to make that other person see the situation/problem as you see it. Mentally you might be a bit above your peers and so able to grasp new information with ease, making it work for your own benefit.

4.King of Cups
A few words about it - liberal attitudes, a deep thinker, intelligence, stability

Your are motivating people to do things, you are a born leader. You are also very soft hearted and gentle despite your outside appearance, unfortunately many people would judge you before getting to know you.

5.Queen of Wands
A few words about it - courage, success, confidence, independence

You are very creative, you have boundless energy to travel, do, and entertain. You like being in the spotlight, in which you are, as the heads turn your way when you enter a room. Although you might be overwhelming and intimidating at times. But you are also an inspiring figure for your family and friends, and might even be admired by some stanger.

6.Eight of Swords
A few words about it - restriction, fear, blame, forced restraints, being trraped.

                 Ever been in a situation where you're afraid to say anything, so afraid that you second guess yourself, end up saying nothing, tying yourself in knots? But speaking up is going to get you cut to ribbons? You can be very indecisive at times, blow things out of proportions, judge before the time is right.

7.The Magician

A few words about it - adaptation, skill, wisdom, caft, mastery

                   Always on top of things, you can get anything done if you work hard enough. A figure that is admired by others, for the skills, wisdom, and personality. Everything is in your reach and if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything!

8.Ace of Swords

A few words about it - Mental energy, focus, courage, discipline

                    You are always keep you goals in mind as you go through life and are constantly focused on that one, or more, aspiration (that you might have). You have courage and are able to face even something that wasn’t expected (by you).

9.Seven of Cups

A few words about it - fantasy, ideas, reflection, romanticism, daydreaming

                        Imagination is a powerful thing and you use it to the fullest. Even though you enjoy daydreaming, fantasizing and just escaping reality in, maybe, some creative ways, you can be a down to earth person too. Romance is your thing! Is it going good? Does he like me? Or Is it horrible? Why did I ever agree to date him?! Either way its what you enjoy and hope for in the future.

OK! That was a lot! Was it not. Now if you don’t feel like reading all of that, which I hope you do of course! =p , I will give you a very brief summary!

Worry and despair, melancholy, that’s where you are now. Even though you might fell down you will not make other suffer for it, trickery, cunning, theft are not for you. You are smart and make the most of it! Is there a conversations? you can join, and argument, you can win! However you might not really understand why sometimes you are such a deep thinker, or believe that you are intelligent, but you are proud of you independence, and success when you achieve it. You can be courageous at times, when you least expect, and its definitely what you might value. The worst thing that people can say about you, is that you can be very indecisive, but they will also admire you skills and attitudes toward work and [your] set goals. They would honestly say that you are smart, courageous and an interesting figure to be around. But all in all you are a dreamer and a romanticist!

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