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4 of chalices

Today's card of the day is - 4 of Chalices

This card is from the Circle of Life deck. Its a beautiful circular deck with fairytale imagery.

Here we have a pale green Nymph bending down to look at one of the 3 standing jars of water. Behind her, the 4th jar, is lying in pieces, broken, with the water spilling out of the remains.

I think i see it as being optimistic and looking on the bright side. Sometimes you can't stop some things from happening but what you can do is not let them get to you so much or slow you down. It also teaches you to appreciate what you have, because at any moment it can be taken away. It also points out that knowing your faults is valuable...

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8 of Pentacles

Dreams play big roles in our lives. They make us do something things that we would never do otherwise or they makes us break under the heavy baggage. They can also define us and pave out our path in life. But every one has to start some where, as the saying goes “a journey starts with a single step” and sometimes that one first step can be the hardest of it all.


There is fear and there is doubt: what will happen, what will I have to do or even possibly sacrifice, what if this is not right, can I really do it, what if I make mistakes?


Will I have the strength to go through with it and stretch my arms far enough to be able to reach that distant star?


So how can you move if you got all the questions and emotions tying you down to the ground? Is it blind faith or hope, or just saying why not me?


Although when the wheel starts to roll it might not seem any easier.


You now have to lay the foundation. It might not even seem like you are getting closer to your goal but its important to know that what does not break you only makes you stronger and propels you even high into the land of dreams.


So that’s how I see the 8 of pentacles.


It’s a first step. Its scary but you have to believe in yourself, because if you do not then who will? It might seem menial but its necessary and its going to pay up later on.  And when it does pay you back its beautiful and even more so inspiring.


And in the Thoth deck its called Prudence.

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Spread - The start

It has been a while since i did a spread out of a book, the book that i am using is Complete Book of tarot Spreads.
The spread that i am using is #41 The star...because it looks like a star ^^


2      5      4

1 - Where I am.
2 - My task.
3 - My difficulties.
4 - My strengths.
5 - My goal.

I'll be using the Fey tarot (because i used them today for the card of the day)

1. Where i am - 2 of wands
I am confined and afraid to take a step out. Everything seems to be too unreachable and distant. Although there is no reason for me to be afraid. I mean if you never try something how will you know if you like it or not and if you are good at it?! So i should take a big step and finally start doing something that i have been putting away thinking that i cannot accomplish it now. (So maybe i should sign up for the Greek and Latin roots of English language class, even though it sounds hard it might actually be useful.)

2. My task - 7 of Chalices
Not to carried away by daydreaming. Not to believe that wish full thinking can get me someplace...but at the same time try to be realistic things may not always be what they appear so making judgments beforehand might not be a good thing. I should stand my ground (i see a pattern here of believing in yourself)

3. My difficulties - 2 of Pentacles
Wow, i am not sure what to say. This card is about different natures and ability to coexist together. Its about harmony. So maybe thats what i should be actively seeking, harmony, tranquility. I know i am trying to put sometime aside every day to meditate but i should just focus on it more and not rush things. Its good to be grounded and also energetic but its even more important to know how to balance these qualities.

4. My strengths - 9 of Chalices
Everything is at my hands, that is i have everything to make myself happy and peaceful. I am content with that and thats good because it will help me to center myself and become more focused and "balance" (as the #3 suggested).

5. My goal - Knave of chalices
I am at the beginning of a road and my emotions may be unstable sometimes. It might be hard to distinguish between them or even take control but that is very important to do. Because its always better to think rationally before taking in your emotions.
They can also hold you back sometimes or even put you into an unwanted/unpleasant situations.
So i see my goal as taking control of myself, more specifically my emotions. I have to think about what makes me happy or sad and when is it better to hold my tong even though i want to use it...=p
Tomorrow may never come

Card of the Day - 4 of Pentacles

Card of the day is – 4 of Pentacles

I picked it from the Fey tarot deck.

and then i looked it up in the manga tarot too (because i want to be come familiar with it too...=p).

So, there is a problem or an issue that i am struggling with and even though the solution is very obvious and right in front of me i am unable (for whatever reason) to break free.

I am not really sure what is that related too. Of course there are a couple of problems but right now non of them seem to have an obvious solution or at least one that i have been casting away as "bad".

Then i guess it would be nice to make a list?!
I am struggling with:
1. School, my American history class 152 is horrible boring and i procrastinate with my studies right now even though the final is going to be on Monday the 16. The homework is also due on Tuesday and i have not started it.
- The obvious solution is just grit my teeth and get to studying. Only a week of classes is left, how bad can it be right?! So if i do that i will feel lighter as it seems like its burdening me right now.
2. Family, oooh, i don't know...they have expectations well guess what i have some too...
-Not even going to go there right now.
3. Time, I have to try to manage my time! I struggle to finish somethings and don't spend enough time doing the other.
-Hmm, i got a planner! and i use it too. So i know what i am supposed to do every day, now the problem becomes spending too much time reading a book or browsing online while i am supposed to be doing Homework or whatever else.

Maybe there is something else...i just feel totally cold...no creative energy that is. SO maybe i'll add something later on.

(Ooo,i also will try to post pictures of the cards as that helps me later when i am looking back at some entries!)

Card of the Day - The Sun

Card of the day is – The Sun

I picked it from the Manga tarot.

I could not find how it related to me today, but then I realized that i was thinking drama queen, center of attention..even a hot day (which it was today 83 F) but after i looked at this card some more i realized it was about getting to your goal with ease.

I see a man dressed in a golden light armor walking through a field of golden wheat. The sun is huge and bright in a very light blue sky which is even a bit yellow itself at the horizon. Most importantly is the man. He looks at the wheat with satisfaction and lightly runs his hands through it as he walks. He looks only at the plants which tells us that he might be the one who grew them (although he is wearing an armor which a farmer would not usually wear) but in any case he is satisfied with what he sees. As he keeps on walking and he effortlessly glides through the field.

So i guess if you put enough time in something you can always bet on the good results? Or something like be more sure of yourelf no one is 100% right but ones you stumble on something be sure to know its value... ^^

(as i reread what i typed up i was really confused because what i described sounded like a totaly different card...it reminded me of the 3 of wands from the fey deck. Which features a fey sitting looking at the plant which finally is about to produce flowers of fruits...and the main points is also getting results from hard work....in my opinion anyway...but i guess every time that we look at a card our interpritation might change due to our experiences or just mood...so i cannot say that it is right or wrong but its the way that i see it today)
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Card of the Day - 3 of Wands

Card of the day is – 3 of Wands

I picked it out from the Universal Fantasy deck.

Don't let people control your dreams, if somebody tells you that something is impossible you have to say  "not if i try long enough and not if i try hard enough!" Because anyone can grow a tree from a single seed, all you have to do is give it water and time. But when you do get that tree, accomplish your dream nothing can compare to the satisfaction that you get.

In this card we see a person steering a flying ship. A beautiful river, mountains and forests lie as a carpet on the ground over which he flies! The stars are his map and the wind is a friend. It looks like he has enough provision to last for a few days or a week.

This card says - accomplishment through hard work and motivation. It tells us not to let our dreams fall just because they might seem far away or unattainable.

So this means that i better start studding for my finals and just because i have more that 30 names, dates and titles to memorize it does not mean i will not be able to do it. I just have to be patient and do a bit every day!
Sun Flower

Card of the Day - Queen of Wands

Card of the day is – Queen of Wands

I pick it out of the Thoth deck.

Fiery, drama queen, not forgiving, looking down, wise - things that come to mind while looking at it.

It looks like she likes cats, well i like cats too...really...

I guess i have to be a bit more outgoing today, not afraid to state my opinion, but at the same time be considerate of others. (when am i not?!)
Sounds like i should do whatever i want to but also be able to know when to get of the high horse.

Nothing else comes to mind so far.
Who is Next?


Ok i was thinking for a while now and i came up with a very interesting challenge for myself!

Since i like making icons so much and i am interested in tarot, why not try and make icons for all major arcana cards?!

So i will look for pictures that in my opinion represent a specific card well and just put a name on it (ex: The Fool...) I will do it in no specific order and with no set time line. Some may have animation or even multiple versions (don't want to be to strict or my muse will fly away!).

I will post every new icon in a new entry, but also keep either all the links here or i will actually add icons too.

~ Peace
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Q and A

1. Name:

2. Age: 18

3. How long have you been reading tarot? Two years now

4. What got you involved in tarot? A beautiful deck that i saw once while browsing in an online store.

5. Do you have a favorite deck? Thoth

6. Do you have a favorite card? The star

7. What Tarot card best describes your personality? Hight Priestess

8. If you had to pick three cards to describe the day you're having, which three card combination would you choose and why? Queen of Cups, Fortune, 3 of cups.

9. Do you read intuitively? Yes, mostly. But i also enjoy reading different books on the interpretation of the cards and then trying to implement the meanings in some of my readings.

10. Do you practice any other forms of divination? Nope, i am faithful to the tarot.

11. Are you a religious person? Yes, i believe that there is something more than what we see in our daily lives.

12. Do you have a tarot mentor? Who are they? How do they inspire you? None at this point.

13. Describe the most accurate reading you've done: I did a reading for a friend once and said something that was apparently very true but at the same time something that she did not want to hear.

14. How does reading tarot make you feel? Free, not restricted by anything, like i have wings?!

15. Is there a card that continually stumps you? 5 of chalices

16. Do you have a favorite tarot spread? just a three card spread.

17. Do you charge for your readings? I never charged, mostly because i read for myself most of the time!

18. Strangest place you've read tarot? my school bathroom

19. If you could create one card to add to your deck, what would it be called? What would this card mean? I have to come back to this one....

20. Does anyone you know not agree with your tarot practices? Those in my family who know about it are very skeptical and say that i should spend time doing something useful! That makes me very upset but i guess thats their opinion.

21. Ever regretted a particular reading? Nope

22. Do you read for yourself as well as others? I, as i said before, mostly read for myself, i also read for my friends sometimes.

23. Have you predicted any mainstream/world events using tarot? No >.>

24. Do you read with reversals? Never, i believe that cards in the upright position have enough negative meanings

25. Is there anything else you'd like to add? I wish that i had more confidence in myself, but besides that ^^

Decks and year 2007.

I am really excited about this year 2007. A few very nice decks are coming out ^^

* First of all there is going to be a second edition of The Baroque Bohemian Cats' Tarot coming out in February 2007 ( you can find for info on Magic Realists Press  ) There will be a few changes, like no orange borders and the color of some dresses is going to be different and other details. The deck, in my opinion, also has more vibrant colors and not the a bit faded look of the first edition.

They also will be publishing the The Bohemian Gothic Tarot in October of this year. Which has a very beautiful dark theme!
There is a also "The See of Logos - an oracle deck of 32 prophecies. " with beautiful cards, and i am not sure about the release since it just says coming out soon!

* There of course will be a few very interesting LS decks too. I am a big fan of LS since they always have a very good card stock and creative decks. The 6 different languages never bothered me so much although sometimes i wish that the white borders just cease to exist.  Some of the decks that i am looking forward to are: The Sorcerers Tarot, The Golden Tarot of Botticelli, Mona Lisa Tarot ( from the catalog the art looks just like the one in the Universal Fantasy Tarot deck released in march, so beautiful!), Tarot of the Angels. I am not yet sure if and when any of these decks are coming out but i hope they will not appear all at once! (what that might do to me)

There is a also Shadowscapes tarot that i recently learned about. Unfortunatly it will not come out until 2008 as it says on their main page.
But the art is amazing! There are so many colors and details that its just so pleasent to look at. The artist is also selling posters. (this deck is probably going to be a #1 on my wish list, along with the Lunatic tarot which has been out in the card edition for a while now but i just can't allow myself to get yet)

Oh yes and i just have to mention the Tarot Connection great podcasts!