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8 of Pentacles

Dreams play big roles in our lives. They make us do something things that we would never do otherwise or they makes us break under the heavy baggage. They can also define us and pave out our path in life. But every one has to start some where, as the saying goes “a journey starts with a single step” and sometimes that one first step can be the hardest of it all.


There is fear and there is doubt: what will happen, what will I have to do or even possibly sacrifice, what if this is not right, can I really do it, what if I make mistakes?


Will I have the strength to go through with it and stretch my arms far enough to be able to reach that distant star?


So how can you move if you got all the questions and emotions tying you down to the ground? Is it blind faith or hope, or just saying why not me?


Although when the wheel starts to roll it might not seem any easier.


You now have to lay the foundation. It might not even seem like you are getting closer to your goal but its important to know that what does not break you only makes you stronger and propels you even high into the land of dreams.


So that’s how I see the 8 of pentacles.


It’s a first step. Its scary but you have to believe in yourself, because if you do not then who will? It might seem menial but its necessary and its going to pay up later on.  And when it does pay you back its beautiful and even more so inspiring.


And in the Thoth deck its called Prudence.



February 2009

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